drbunsen (drbunsen) wrote in hardwaste,


I see signs of hard rubbish accumulating around Bell Street in the Preston & Coburg area.

It's been a bit quiet in this comm lately. Has anyone else got any hard rubbish spotting to report?
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I am not from melbourne but have spent the last few days there..ascot vale... Mascoma st and close areas...what a field day i could have had if i had a truck..i would have cleared it all for myself given half the chance...good luck there was some great stuff!!
Thanks for that
Is the hard rubish collection still in progress in preston or am I too late?
Naaah that was ages ago

I've noticed some rubbish building up in Malvern lately. I live in Armadale and we had our collection a couple of weeks ago, so it seems likely that Malvern and surrounding suburbs would be next. Stoopid Stonnington's web site doesn't have any info on dates though.


May 7 2009, 03:21:05 UTC 8 years ago

hard rubbish collection was out in prahran yesterday 5/5/09 but it may all be gone bY today?