drbunsen (drbunsen) wrote in hardwaste,

Massive Garage Sale today & tomorrow Coburg

Pleas excuse the slight off-topic

HUGE Garage Sale

Artist's warehouse clearout
Sat+Sun 9am-2pm
6 Lewis St
Coburg North

(by Batman Station on the Upfield line,
Sydney Rd tram to Gaffney St,
Upfield or Merri Creek bike trail to Gaffney St/Murray Rd)

Costumery, clothing, fabrics, arts & crafts materials, building materials, tools, electronics, sound equipment, kitchenware, computers, trinkets, bric a brac and shiny things.
Clearing out six years of collected stuff from arts & crafts studio.
Sausage sizzle & soft drinks.

Early callers will be taken out the back and given a stern talking to.

XPO melbournemaniac, my journal
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